About Bobby

Bobby believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed and is an unwavering champion for the underdog. He’s co-founder and CEO of Populus Group—one of the fastest-growing HR services companies in the United States with annual revenue of $500 million and many Fortune 100 customers. As one of thirteen children in a migrant family he learned the value of hard work, rising early and putting in long hours in the fields. After high school, boot camp became his ticket of opportunity.  He serves on national community organization boards and is a regular speaker at corporations and service groups. He is a proud Army veteran.  Bobby is most proud of his family—his wife Roslyn and their three children Santino, Griffith, and Sofia live in Portland, Oregon.

About the Book

The Gift of Struggle is a different kind of leadership book. It’s an accessible collection of personal stories of struggle and the gifts uncovered within them.

The philosophy of the book is simple:

We all struggle.
Inside every struggle is a gift.
Leaders share their gifts with others.

Each chapter shares the details of a story, the broader lesson any leader can apply, a set of questions to reflect on, and an afterword for how the story later unfolded in Bobby's life. Building on Bobby's efforts, this book inspires readers to find their own stories, share their gifts of struggle with others, and become the leader they imagine they can be--professionally and personally.

Why it is important to inspire the community?

Everybody deserves the opportunity to succeed. As leaders, it’s our responsibility to pay it forward and help open doors for people on the other side of the opportunity divide – our community. When you do that, you’re inspiring people and empowering them to pursue their dreams. Think of yourself – when you feel seen, you feel empowered. When people in the community feel seen, they feel empowered.

To help the community, be a mentor. If you’re in a leadership position, make time to give back and mentor others. Look at what you can do to improve diverse representation – seeing a successful leader that looks like you is inspiring. You’re an advocate for your community to have a greater voice in less diverse spaces.

The ripple effect of inspiration and empowerment spreads.

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