Tatiana Bailey is an economist, healthcare expert, presenter and writer based out of Colorado Springs, CO. She has become a nationally recognized expert in economics through her years of education and work in the field. 

Bailey grew up in the nation’s capital of Washington D.C. Her love for economics began when she attended the Catholic school Academy of the Holy Names and took her first class on the topic. However, her interest stems far before this introduction and is tied to her Bolivian roots. Her mother Miriam, a Bolivian native, belonged to a philanthropic group of Bolivian women in D.C. throughout her childhood. The group would source used clothing, medical devices, and donations for members to bring back to Bolivia. Miriam would take Tatiana with her to help deliver the donations to orphanages, schools, and medical facilities. In an interview with NORTH by Colorado Media Group, she says, “The old cliche of travel being the best educator and human equalizer is spot on. But I give my mom credit for taking it all one step further.” These trips were a humble reminder of how most people live in the world and instilled a deep appreciation for the life her parents built for her in the U.S. 

She attended Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, to obtain her undergraduate education in Political Science and Economics. Bailey then moved on to the University of Michigan where she obtained her Master’s in economics followed by a Doctorate in public health. She met her husband early in her undergraduate years and they began a family while she was working on her first master’s. They would go on to have five children as she finished her degrees and worked part time. 

When faced with an opportunity for Bailey to fully return to the workforce as an economist for University of Colorado’s Economic Forum in 2014, it was a difficult decision to uproot their family from Michigan and move across the country. However, she felt taken back by the way the community embraced her during her visit and knew she could put her background and degrees to good use in this role. She joined UCCS and moved to Colorado Springs. She remained in that role for eight years until recently shifting directions to start her own non-profit, Data-Driven Economic Strategies, in 2022. 

Data-Driven Economic Strategies (DDES) was founded with the mission to enhance economic opportunities with data-driven strategies that inform community and workforce development initiatives. The organization produces economic and workforce development reports for Colorado Springs and neighboring regions to help businesses, schools, universities, governments, and communities at large. 

Beyond her work with DDES, Bailey delivers dozens of economic presentations a year and regularly reports on the economic segment of the local TV station Fox21. She has received recognition for her work, being named a “Woman of Influence” in 2016 by The Colorado Springs Business Journal and “Business Leader of the Year” in 2018 by Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce. For now, she is taking in the achievements of her work and life while managing a balance between the two. “If I can eke out a few more work years where I can do what I love and maybe contribute something small to my community, I’m happy. It’s just icing on the cake now. Well, that and trips with the family skiing or beaching, watching Michigan football, or Avalanche hockey. Everyday I’m astounded at my life. It’s always been incredibly busy as a mother and worker, but every day I marvel at this life and wonder why I am so blessed.” - NORTH by Colorado Media Group


“I always tell my husband he’s my first and only true love as I met him just after I turned 18, but honestly economics is right up there.”
” – NORTH by Colorado Media Group

“Always start with the positive. I think this is true with parenting your kids, but I also think it’s true in life, in your job and in your outlook on the world around you. … It makes the lens through which you look at life so much more pleasant, and it also enables you to positively affect change.
” – The Colorado Springs Business Journal

“Working for myself where I can direct my training and my passions to help others has never intimidated me. I am just incredibly fortunate that I could have the educational opportunities, the full family experience, and a community platform where I can work with others who have similar drive and aspirations.”
” – NORTH by Colorado Media Group

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