Cecelia Dardanes is a business owner, published author, and recipe blogger. She owns a printing, advertising, and social media marketing business, Print It! LLC, and she runs a lifestyle blog, Cecelia’s Good Stuff. Additionally, Dardanes shares her knowledge and experience in social media marketing to grow a business with other small businesses through intensive and comprehensive classes.

Starting in 1992, Dardanes created Print It! LLC and became a minority- and women-owned  small business owner. Print It! LLC provides a variety of services with emphasis on printing, advertising, social media marketing. In this role, Dardanes manages the art director, bookkeeper, and office manager as well as managing and maintaining client relations for all printing and marketing projects. In addition to management and client relations, Dardanes offers classes for clients and small businesses where she shares the latest trends on social media marketing.

Dardanes has shown impressive aptitude for social media marketing, and since April of 2012 has shared her insights and knowledge about social media marketing with others. Dardanes offers intensive and comprehensive classes where she educates other small business owners on how to successfully post and utilize social media techniques for numerous social media platforms, including  Facebook, Pinterest, Google, Twitter, Linked-In and Instagram.

In addition to running a small business and teaching classes, Dardanes runs a lifestyle blog, Cecelia’s Good Stuff. On this blog, she shares her own creative recipes, gardening, and decorating tips while sharing her family experiences with her followers. On Cecelia’s Good Stuff, Dardanes inspires others to cook healthy, homemade foods and grow family bonds. There are also details of her published cookbooks shared on her blog, including “Flavor of the Southwest,” “A Few of My Favorite Things – Salads,” and numerous e-book cookbooks.

Dardanes earned her BBA from the University of New Mexico, Anderson School of Business, Marketing, and Advertising in addition to her minors in Economics and Psychology. She obtained many certificates of completion, including The National Center for Social Entrepreneurs, Interior Design, Executive Development Systems, and Successful Life Course. Dardanes has been appointed to many boards, including Junior League of Albuquerque, Finance Vice President and March of Dimes, Accion NM – Advancement Committee, and numerous non-for-profit committees.


“Cooking and sharing my recipes with those I LOVE is what truly makes me happy. Ironically it took me a while to realize how much I love to cook. As a working Mother and small business owner I guess I was always rushing around and never had time to think much about what really makes me happy.”

“I value the time I spend with my children and family, I cherish the time we spend talking and eating around the dinner table. This is so important, especially when we work so hard, the time together is a true treasure.”

“It is filled with delicious recipes inspired from my home state right here in New Mexico. With a variety of influences including our border country Mexico, the book will include some traditional dishes to an assortment of modern and innovative recipes that I have created myself. I am inspired to share my love through cooking and celebration of family.” - Cecelia Dardanes on her cookbook “Flavors of the Southwest”

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