David Ocelotl Garcia

DAVID OCELOTL GARCIA an accomplished across several mediums including painting, sculpture, and murals. His work can be seen in public art commissions, and both museum and private collections.  He is a resident artist at the Latino Cultural Arts Center in Denver, Colorado. David discovered his natural ability and passion for fine art at the age … Read More

PART 2- A message on COVID-19 from Seattle, Washington with Carter Rodriquez.

Our work at Avanza Latino does not stop. Please take the time to educate yourself and help to keep everyone around you safe and healthy. We bring you a message on COVID-19 from Seattle, Washington with Carter Rodriquez.  Listen for an update on state totals and best practices!   STAY HOME & STAY HEALTHY!

Avanza Latino Podcast: Interview with Roberto Garcia

“You can’t save everyone out in the open ocean but you’ll save some,” says Inspiring Latino Roberto Garcia.  Roberto is an attorney practicing in California dedicated to empowering underrepresented communities.  The son of working-class immigrants, he is a first-generation graduate of UC Santa Barbara and the People’s College of Law (PCL).  He now practices traditional … Read More

Avanza Latino: Interview with Diana Tellefon Torres

Diana Tellefson Torres is the executive director for the United Farm Workers Foundation. Under her leadership, the UFWF has provided resources and services to tens of thousands of farm workers, in addition to advocacy and civic engagement opportunities. Most recently, the UFWF has successfully worked to craft a bipartisan bill, called the Farm Workforce Modernization … Read More